About Us

My family business.

My Cafe.

I first opened the cafe on February 9th 2016 where I was advised that the locals may take a while to welcome me, however what I found was the complete opposite, everyone was so friendly and the cafe quickly grew as word got out to the success we are now, with their help.

Team Members

Team - _0004_John

John Martin


John has a wealth of experience in customer service and catering with over 25 years working in airline catering as customer services senior manager at Heathrow airport. Always up for a laugh and wont hold back once he's got to know you! John's is a keen sportsman playing football, bowls and darts and always plays to win, however being West Ham United fan so is used to losing as well, however one thing not many people know until now is that he has scored two holes in one at golf. John favourite dish at the cafe is a Chicken Club sandwich.

Team - _0008_Abby

Abby Morgan


Abby is the backbone of John's. Super friendly when working front of house and a extremely good cook when in the kitchen. Abby's background was not in catering but in film production where she worked behind the scenes on blockbuster films to TV shows. She has worked with "The Rock", Brad Pitt, Jack Whitehall & the Teletubbies to name but a few. Not many of us can say we have all the Teletubbies in our phone contacts! Abby's favourite dish at the cafe is the whole menu.

Team - _0002_Rochelle

Rochelle Thomas

Front of House / Kitchen trained

Rochelle's natural nature is to please, her front of house skills are exceptional, full of empathy for those customers that need the extra time with whatever. We think they built the building around Rochelle as she has been here the longest as she was with the previous owner beforehand. Rochelle favourite dish at the cafe is a full Vegetarian with granary toast.

Team - _0006_Bobbi

Bobbi Vowden

Front of House

Bobbi started with us when she was 15 years old and my word she has gone from strength to strength, her interaction with the customers is brilliant and bordering on hilarious with some customers she has got to know very well. Although she would never say it, Bobbi's motto is that the customer is sometimes wrong! Bobbi favourite food at the cafe is Sausages, sausages and even more sausages.

Team - _0003_Luke

Luke Morgan

Chef / Front of house trained

Luke has been with us for the last 2.5 years and you couldn't wish for a better chef in the kitchen. When the pressure is on Luke is at his best, constantly maintaining a high level of quality food that leaves the kitchen. Luke is a mad Watford fan and get him on the subject of football be prepared for along chat. Luke's favourite dish at the cafe is a full English breakfast with white toast and baked beans.

Team - _0000_Will

Will Downey

Front of House

Will has a tremendous attitude to work for someone so young. He joined us in 2018 and now its fair to say he has completely come out of his shell. Asking Will what has been a stand out moment in his short life, he reply's "I fell under a train once" the room fell silent at that point and I'm going to just leave it there. Will's favourite dish at the cafe is a Hash Smash, in a bap.

Team - _0001_Sara

Sara Sykes

Chef / Front of house trained

Sara has been with us for over 2 years now and is a real asset to the team. Not a lot phases Sara as when its gets busy; its heads down focusing on the task in hand. Something you may not know is that Sara is a twin and enjoys going ghost hunting, so her best joke is "what do you call twin ghosts that ring everyones door bell?" Dead ringers!!! Sara's favourite food from the cafe is a large slice of Banana & Caramel cake.

Team - _0005_Cheryl

Cheryl Eggleton

Front of House

Cheryl was born for customer service, her manner and attitude is always excellent. She also has a wealth of knowledge of food and is a fantastic sounding board for ideas and projects. What you may not know about Cheryl is she does moan a lot 😁 and is an avid American Football fan hence where her "Superbowl's" of food ideas come from. Cheryl's favourite dish at the cafe is a Full English Breakfast with Granary toast and Baked Beans.

Team - _0007_Ashley

Ashley Lane

Front of House

Ashley is our newest member of staff and at 14 years of age has a great work ethic. I have never worked with someone so young that will use his initiative as well as he does. Ashley is a keen paddle boarder and also enjoys playing football. Ashley's favourite dish at the cafe is too hard to decide.